My Eighth Grade Year!

My eighth grade year what quite the year for me. I learned a lot about “real life” and how everyone has to deal with it. There were so many good and bad memories this year. Even thought eight grade mean HIGH SCHOOL next year, I am so said to leave Moran. All of the teacher and students here are so nice and help guide you through the three years that you spend here at Moran. My favorite moment with my friend Lacey would have to be when Mr. Nagel always said uhh… before a sentence. We would always crack up. We had a chart and tallied every time he said it. That was the best year of my life.Most embarrassing moment is when I found out that I was failing English class. I was on the xcountry team for the first year and as I was getting better at it my coach said I have to kick you off the team because academic work is more important than xcountry. I started to cry because I really did enjoy xcountry. As the year went on my friend Marissa helped me get my grade back up. I finally got it up to an A and later was on the track team which I never got kicked off. I was so happy.

My favorite teacher was Mr. Nagel, because no matter what we did he didn’t care. Like he would never get mad when we repeated him or said something that other teachers would get mad for. He was an awesome teacher. He’s like what you call the “cool mom”, but he’s the “cool teacher”. Next year when I’m in high school I will miss him so much. I will have to come to Moran every day just to walk in him room and say “uhh sit down”, as he said to us every day. It was so funny because he said it every day and he didn’t even know that he was saying it.

Friend Advice that I have is when you’re given something that day, start it because I am the person that waits till the last minute to do things and I never got anything done on time. If you want to get good grades just get all your work in on time. Study weeks before the test and quizzes. Pay attention in classes. I didn’t really pay attention that much and I didn’t do as well as I wanted to.

Well, I told you all I can about my experience in eighth grade. Good Luck!
-Tiffany Shortsleeve


10 Things…

I know mostly everyone has heard “well what things do you want to do before you die”. There’s books that say 100 things to see before you die or 50 things to do before you die. But I’m wondering right now if you had to pick 10 things to do before you die what would they be and do you have reasons why?

Here’s my ten things……..

1)DOLPHINS– I would love to save every dolphin in the world from getting their fins stuck in boat to people killing them for their food. I would make a law that states when near dolphins to go at a 5MPH speed limit.

2) Travel– I would love to travel Europe and also to Australia. I would love to cruise the whole in-tire world. One place I have always wanted to go to Italy. I want to go and just eat all the Italian food that they have their.

3)Skydive– Before you die you have to get rid of that one little nerve in your body and just go and skydive. You might be scared to go skydiving(like I am), but you just have to go for it and get over your fear. It’s like you just have to do it. I know I really want to do it, and as an8th grader I want to skydive right now.

4)Snowboard– I ski, but I would love how to snowboard. I’d rather take the chance and go down the hill sideways instead of forward. I have skied for the past 4 years and it’s time to learn something new.

5)Water ski– My mom and dad have always told me that I have loved water and that when I was in the water I would never get out. I would love to learn how to water ski. When I see people on T.V. And their water ski it looks like it’s so much fun. I’m always afraid I’m going to fall off and make a fool of myself, but now it’s time for me to get over that fear and just go for it.

6)Family– Ever since my older sister had two kids I have loved kid. I always watch them and sometimes they sleepover. So before I die I would love to have a family of my own.

7)Cakes– I have always loved to bake and now that I’m older I would love to open my own cake shop and make cakes for all types of occasions. When I watch the challengeshows with my dad I’m always like I wanna make a cake that looks like that and make it even better. My grandma just moved near my house and when I go to her house we always bake something.

8)House– I would really love to live in a house that has a indoor pool and a movie theater. My house would be so big that I could throw a huge party and have a humongo SLEEPOVER.

9)Amazing- Race. Ever since my friends and I have watched amazing race we have wanted to go on it. I would be the one holding the money and the pass ports because I worry about all of those things. She would be the one to hit on all the guys.(LOL) So when we turn 21 we are headed off to the amazing race to win us some cash to go SHOPPING. One of the thing we lpove to do most is to go shopping.

10) Shopping- I would just love to have one day and spend all the money I want and go shopping anywhere.

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Intentions or actions? You chose!

“Do you define a person by their actions or their intentions, why?”

If I had to choose between intention and actions I would pick actions because I think that the action hat person commited counts not what they are going to do. If someone sayes they would do anything to become friends again I wouldn’t care because they could be lieing to me. I want a true friendb to tell me the truth, not to lie to me. Heres an example: My friend ….. said to another friend of mine that I didn’t take her somewhere when I went with my other friend becasue I hated her and she always tryed to be like me. Well, I didn’t say that at all and now my firned is saying mean things about me and I don’t like it at all. I think shes a great friend but she would know the truth is she came up to me and ask. But, no she didn’t and she listened to someone else. I would be mad at her for her action ont and thats like telling me a what she said. I wouldn’t want to tell me something she will do in the future because she probally won’ lie witch I don’t want to deal with. I would just like my friend to show me that she does really want to be my friend. That’s why action is more inmpotant to me than intention. Also with intention if you didn’y intend to do something think before you do or say anything.

Social Studies Classes

My social studies classes aren’t what you really call lasses. Mr.B, my history teacher makes our classes so much fun, but at the same time your learning what you need to know to go to the next grade. My favorite part of social studies class was when my class when to OSV and we had to do a report for a class in another state and that was so cool getting to do a project that will help other kids learn as we were learning at the same time. I hope my class will be able to do another project like that soon.

What I call “A Wonderful Place”…..

What I would call a wonderful place would have to be going to an island for months and just relax in the hot sun every day that I spend there. I have been to many islands and have loved most of them. I plan to live in a warm area when I get older, but for now I’m fine living here in the cold and just vacationing to nice places that are so relaxing you could just fall asleep on the beach with the sound of the waves right in front of you……. What would you call a “wonderful place”.

Snow Day’s

When and if you had a snow day……

what do you like to do……..?

I like to sit home with hot coco and play the wii.


Tell me what you like to do? Or if you don’t get snow what would you do if you had a day off from school?

If I could make one wish….

If I could make one wish and only one wish it would be that I had a little brother. If I had a little brother I would be able to be his sister that would always makes sure he walked out the door before school look all good for the ladies at school. Also if he needed to talk to me about anything I would be there for him. Even though sometimes he would get on my last nerves I would still love him and be there for him all the time. Right now I’m the youngest and my older sister never got to do that kind of stuff to me because she was so much older than me and now i feel like an only child. But I wont mind not having a brother because I lie be the spoiled one.